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About Us

About Us

WINSFORD EYECARE, Winsford, is an optician with a difference. As well as being terribly nice and extremely professional, they exude clinical excellence, through a small, dedicated team.

WINSFORD EYECARE has been correcting the eyes of Winsford and beyond for over ten years, over which time the business has gone from strength to strength. The team is small, focused and professional, boasting a total of over 50 years industry experience. Optometrist and owner Manish Patel has been qualified for over 20 years and will take the time to make your eye test not only thorough and precise, but generally rather enjoyable!

The team also prides themselves on their ability to choose the right frames for faces - and fear not; they are not totally oblivious to the current financial climate. They are cost-conscious and offer solutions for every budget and age group.

They rely on your custom and referrals to keep the business they love growing and thriving, so above all else, their aim is to provide you with the best eyecare you have ever experienced.


When it comes to frames, WINSFORD EYECARE specialises in brands that they are truly passionate about, because they believe their patients deserve the very best. No gimmicks, no overpriced bling... instead, they carefully select our brands for their bonafide sophistication and superb craftsmanship. Real style doesn't date; it doesn't need a fanfare; and you'll look better than you've ever looked before. The stunning range includes designs by Oakley, Rayban, Prada, D&G, Ralph Lauren and Armani.

Manish Patel is also a skilled contact lenses practitioner and WINSFORD EYECARE can provide any form of contact lenses from gas permeable to all forms of soft lenses . If you have tried contact lenses before and encountered difficulties, or you just want advice on the most innovative contact lens products available, we are here to help - simply call 01606 599030 or email

The clinically qualified staff will take the time to get things right for you and your eyes. They know that consistency is the key to providing you with glasses and contact lenses that really work. Wherever possible, Manish will oversee your consultation from start to finish, ensuring it is as good as it can possibly be. And those of you who know him know that a touch of OCD perfectionism doesn't go amiss! WINSFORD EYECAREspecialises in NHS and private eye tests and children's eye care.

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